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    Caravan Repairs Wollongong

    The leading company of Caravans in Wollongong

    Since the establishment of Parravans in the year 1962, we grew our stock to match the customer’s demand and interest in using these innovative caravans. Parravans have several experienced members in sales and marketing these caravans. Besides this, we are best in repairing caravans and providing you with reliable hassle-free service.

    Our service is different from others as we take the responsibility very seriously whenever our customers are in need of caravan repairs in Wollongong. We have a workshop with a large number of experts to provide you with an invaluable service. You are always welcome to visit our location whenever you are facing a problem with your caravan. Come to us and enjoy our caravans of various models which are beyond your imagination. We always suggest everyone maintains their caravan, as maintenance is required for proper safety on the road. If you ever meet an accident and your caravan gets fully damaged, we provide good value-based products for the repair of your caravan at affordable prices.

    Production of two types of brands:

    River Caravan:

    This caravan brand was established in the year 2010 after creating a groundbreaking change in the caravan industry. It now produces a variety of top-end caravans with magnificent looks and other additional attractive features. They deliver superior quality-based caravans with excellent designs and by involving well knowledgeable businesspeople for the distribution of the developed caravans. Also, River Caravans construct other types of sought-after caravans such as- Diamantina, Dominator, Dreamliner, Family Diamantina.

    Atlantic Caravan:

    Atlantic Caravan is well experienced in constructing a traditional standard caravan. Through the years, they have made a name for themselves in making caravans of unique designs, well suited for different buyers. Those that are planning to buy a caravan can then enjoy the premium services provided by us in attaining an Atlantic caravan. Atlantic Caravan has set up a few different types of motorhomes, such as - Endeavour, New generation, Hi Terrain, Signature, Anniversary Series, Weekender. They call come with 3 years’ warranty of structural designs and can assure you of meeting all the Australian standards.

    Why get services from Parravans?

    Parravans is a safe place for any sort of caravan problems. We will provide you with the best services for repairing of caravans such as- 

    • Checking of the wheels, brakes, and other body parts (doors and windows glass etc.) and working of other machines.
    • As the tyre pressure is important for all vehicles, we always make sure to review the normal pressure in the tyre.
    • The inside lights and the outside focusing lights are also checked by our technical members.
    • All the locks are properly observed by our experienced and skilled workpeople.
    • We will provide you with the best repair of damaged caravans with our technical experts.
    • We always check if there is any leakage in water tanks, gauges etc.
    • We will provide you with the new and extensive collection to be placed in caravans and replace in case of any damage.
    • We are positively involved with various insurance companies which will efficiently work as soon as any claim is submitted.
    • We provide you with the latest made parts for your caravan in case of damage and your need to repair them.

    We believe we will serve you with the best quality-based products for your damaged van.

    This is the best destination in Wollongong, Australia for your repairing purposes, or forgetting the astounding caravans of your choice. Don’t hesitate to visit us, we love to provide service to our customers. We are always trying to provide you with the best facility and quality material within our ranges of caravans.

    Contact us today to avail our premium quality caravan repairing services in the Wollongong area. Call us or email your query and book your appointment with our professional staff.

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