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    Caravan Repairs Oak Flats

    Caravan Repairing & Servicing in Oak Flats

    Parravans Caravans World has a highly equipped caravan repairing and servicing station in Oak Flats to take over the task of bearing services, awning repairs, and replacement. We have expert technicians who can undertake caravan repairs of minor dents to more severe accidents and complex damage.

    Our service keeps your caravan in perfect functioning condition that not only runs on a good average and saves money but also allows a fearless journey. The caravan comprehensive quality repair service at our service station is done without breaking your banks.

    Our team has an ability and savoir-faire to repair caravans of different manufacturers and companies. Our next-level technology makes us the notable leading caravan repairs services in Oak Flats.

    Reasons to rely on Parravans Caravans World, Oak Flats


    We are a well approved caravan repairing services provider in Oak Flats with all the necessary accreditation from the authorised organisations in Australia. We are the license holder service providers that fulfil all standard procedures for the safety of your vehicles. 

    Savvy Engineering

    The service centre is meaningless without an expert workforce. The shrewdness of our engineers is visible through their proficiency in work. We recruited the best talent from the industry to get the preeminent results and earn customer satisfaction. 


    We offer our caravan repair services at competitive prices. Our customers in Oak Flats enjoy the synergy of best services and affordable prices. Our customers and their wellbeing is our top priority.

    Doorstep Servicing

    Maybe your caravan broke down in between. Enjoy our doorstep services that give you hassle-free facilities. Our service is available in the Oak Flats area.

    Insurance Claims

    We offer a lifetime guarantee with all insurance work at Parravans Caravans World in Oak Flats. That makes us one of the frontrunners in our field. The settlement of the insurance claim process becomes easy as we work closely with insurance companies.

    High Tech Workshop

    Our workplaces use next-level technology and the latest equipment that result in:

    • High standard of work
    • Low cost
    • On-time delivery
    • Experience talks for us

    Over 60 years of experience in caravans gives us the privilege to serve our customers in the best way possible. We have witnessed the change in this industry over the years and stood high with our innovative and progressive approach.

    What do we offer?

    • Premium services
    • In-depth check of the caravan for better functioning
    • Standard services 
    • Regular check-up to keep the vehicle in perfect working condition

    Our packages include:

    Annual servicing

    Stay free of worries with our annual servicing package of your caravan repairing and services in Oak Flats. Your pay off today will get you returns in the long run with improved resale value and reliability.

    Habitation services

    The area of the caravan where you spend time in and out must be safe and in working condition. Our habitation services check the gas, electricity, water, and appliances are functioning smoothly. This ensures your journey to be a peaceful and joyful one.

    Structural services

    In these services, we check the chassis and running gear. That includes checking the road lighting, drawbar, suspension assembly, hitch assembly, and overrun assembly, chassis components, and axle tube. 

    What do all our services cover?

    • Windows and skylight service, including blinds and seals
    • Gas inspection and leak tests
    • A full detailed report issued to the customer
    • Damp test with a written report
    • Check water system
    • Carbon monoxide test
    • Body inspection
    • All cupboards and compartments serviced
    • 240v electrical test including earth bonding
    • 12v electrical test

    We ensure your caravan is perfectly in working condition and ready to go when you are. Visit us and browse our Caravan repair services in Oak Flat in detail on the Parravans Caravan World website.

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