Caravan Repairs in Illawarra


Parravans Caravan World is a recognised and efficient caravan repair and servicing workshop in Illawarra, Australia. We are a leading company offering our business for over fifty years. We have reached this success through our finest well-trained technicians and friendly, high quality customer service over the years. The main goal of our team is to gain the trust and satisfaction of our valued customers.

Why do you need servicing?

Regular servicing of a caravan is necessary for preventing a road accident. You should even repair minor wear & tear that occurs from the constant use of the vehicle to save the consumption level of the fuel. Our customised repair services will help protect the caravan from major damage.

Repairing process at Parravans:

We provide the best modern technology when repairing caravans in Illawarra. So that we can perform our services with utmost efficiency. Our company offers all types of services including standard and premium to increase the longevity and the efficacy of the caravan.

  • In case of safety inspection, we examine the fire extinguisher & smoke detector, wheel nut, headlight indicator, brake wiring, all bolt and locknuts, battery power and water tanks etc.
  • Awning plays a vital role in maintain a caravan properly. Awnings help keep the extending and contracting movement easy and smooth.
  • The accidents happen due to swaying rig in the vehicles. Our experts examine the swaying control system thoroughly to avoid such mishap.
  • Chassis maintenance to repair such things as cracks, rust, dents, chips, and scratches is also done to make the caravan resistant from a severe impairment.
  • We can also clean the vents during the servicing.
  • All road & interior lights, suspension and are also checked.

Our Speciality:

  • Parravans Caravan World experts are very cooperative & responsive. They will always discuss the complications transparently.
  • Our caravan repairing package is very cost-effective and the tools & technology provided here are also the latest and quality checked.
  • Our team is well-experienced to handle any accidentally damaged caravan as well.
  • We are also tied up with different insurance companies which will give you an extra edge at the time of accidental claim.

Connect with our team of expert caravan repairing service providers today to get the best service and experience trouble-free riding. You are just a click away from a whole new wonderful experience.

Early in 2020 Parravans were proud to open up a 2nd repair service centre at Dapto.

Servicing the Illawarra region, Parravans Illawarra Caravan Repairs is headed up by staff with many yearsof experience at our main yard.

They are able to attend to regular servicing and minor repairs, as well as large insurance jobs such as hail and accident damage repair.

Call Wes on 0410 338 240 to enquire or book in

They are located at:

80 Prince Edward Drive

Dapto, NSW 2530


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