2017 River Eliminator 17'6 Mini Ensuite for sale in Windsor, NSW



This 2017 build River Eliminator is a 17'6 fan featuring a mini ensuite. It has many off road features such as a cutaway rear, DO35 hitch and 12" off road brakes and tyres as well as features to make off road caravaning easier and more comfortable, such as Ibis air conditioner, gas and electric hot water system, 2 water tanks, LED TV on bracket with a Winegard antenna, water filter, battery pack, solar panel 150W + regulator, front toolbox and generator box slide out combo and a gas bayonet. The van is also fitted with control rider suspension, hot dipped gal chassis, 6" A-frame and chassis with A-frame mesh, The van features a mini ensuite with a mirror cabinet in the shower and a cafe dinette in the kitchen, which features 181Lt Thetford fridge. the bed is raided with a pillow top mattress for extra comfort and support while away from home. Features also include picnic table, 3-in-1 windows, CD/radio with roof mounted speakers and an external TV entertainment box with outside speakers.

Chassis: RVC7340
Tare: 2260 kg
TowBall: 140 kg
S/N: Ri01143

Reduced Price: $59,900 Tow Away from Parravans!

$59,900.00   Sale Price

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